About Viveca

I am an “international citizen”. I was born and grew up in Helsingborg, Sweden. I have a PhD. in Child Psychology from the University of Copenhagen. I have lived in Denmark for more than 30 years. I now share my time between our homes in Provence and Denmark. I have been a creative artist since the mid-80s. It all started with decoupage. Later on I took up mosaics and glass painting. From the late 90s I added tapestry making to my artistic repertoire – encouraged and inspired by my friend, and mentor Jacqueline Hauser. About 4 years ago, my focus shifted back from tapestries to decoupage, but now in the form of glass decoupage. I was intrigued by the notion of moving on from the two dimensional world to exploring the spatial possibilities also inherent in decoupage. During my many travels all over the world – especially to Japan, China, India, Finland, Ireland, and Italy, I have received many impulses that have influenced my art. My motifs are inspired by eastern and western ancient and contemporary art – but first and foremost by my life in the heart of Provence with its unique colours, landscapes and moods. In the last few years they have also inspired me to take up painting again, which is something I am spending all of my artistic powers on at the moment.

Interior decoration and house design also became one of my specialties. For more than 30 years I have designed offices and private homes in Denmark, England, Norway, the former Soviet Union, Sweden, and France. I have also worked with corporate identity and product design. I have exhibited in Copenhagen, London, Moscow and, first and foremost, in the South of France: Nice (2001), Hyeres (2005), Cotignac (2006, 2007, 2008), (Vence 2010) Bargemont (2011) and Le Luc (2011). In 2012 an exhibition of my glass decoupage called “Faces” took place in Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen, Denmark from February to May.

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