In May 2017 I will exhibit at the library in Skive, Denmark from May 3rd until May 31st.

My repetoire on show in Skive will consist of tapestries and decoupage on glass.

The tapestries are smaller ones, i.e. around 80X100 cm, and made in series. Some of my tapestries are significantly larger, but it is exciting to be able to showcase some of the smaller ones as well.
One series consist of bowls of different shapes with all of them containing lemons. All of these are presented in different shades of light.
Another series consists of different kinds of fish and shellfish.

All of my tapestries are hand sewn and made using both silk and lace and different kinds of transparent material in order to give depth to the motifs.

I am very pleased to be able to present my tapestries to a broader audience. This is especially important to me as they never have been shown in Denmark before and I have spent the majority of my life in the country.

My decoupage is all made on glass and all pieces are unique. I work a lot on glass as I find it gives a 3 dimensional feel. The decoupage consists of four layers of paper and at least 30 layers of environmentally friendly varnish, which has been sanded down a couple of times during the varnishing procedure.

On display at this exhibition you will find both small and big vases as well as small and big bowls. Some of the pieces have previously been exhibited at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen in 2013.

I am very much looking forward to experiencing the reaction from a broader Danish audience. On May 3, I will be hanging my tapestries and posing my decoupage and then the works will stay at the library until the end of May.

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