What decoupage paper is the best and where do I find it?

I have had a lot of mails asking where I buy my paper for my decoupage. Well, like with everything else my eyes are searching everywhere for paper, materials, glass, cut outs, inspiration and so on. I actually think I am a human scanner for special objects. Life is just full of inspiration – just grab it.

I just visited Vancouver. It is a beautiful place and I could have stayed there for much longer than I did. If you plan to go there make sure you have enough time to see and experience all what is worth while experiencing. In Granville market I found a super paper place where I found a lot of  paper from Japan and other places. I really was in heaven and I bought papers for a smaller fortune as I know that that paper from Japan makes me very happy to work with. If you go to Vancouver do go to Granville market it is touristy and at the same time it is VERY agreeable and cosy.

Coming back to my paper, I put my enormous paper roll in to my suite case. I had already  started planning for how I was going to use my papers. I could really see how I could combine some images and some background papers. But, surprise, surprise some guy decided to pick my suite case instead of his own in the airport. I went totally numb and all the images I had created in my mind exploded and the stress level was up to enormous heights. When I was boarding the flight to Europe there was a message from the guy that he had  picked the wrong suite case and that mine was with him. Was I annoyed? Luckily I now know that my suite case is in Sweden and I will pick it up end November and after that  I can start making some new decoupages. In the meantime I will concentrate on making decoupage with the paper that I have in my containers.

So where do I get my paper from when I do not buy it from Granville market. I buy it on the net ( make sure that your country does not put enormous amounts of import tax on top of you order). I also love using whatever paper I can find like wrapping paper, wall paper, silk paper, wrapping paper, candy paper, fruit paper and even some lace or some fine woven material.

You can find so many lovely papers around you. Just start chasing! Still my favorite paper is the japan paper.

One thought on “What decoupage paper is the best and where do I find it?

  1. Thelma Fernandez says:

    I love your work. It’s beautiful. I would like to make gift for my daughters. I am 83 years of age and love to make things.
    I have been watching your demo. Just enjoyed every moments.
    Thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

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