My art is evolving all the time and I enjoy experimenting and combining new and well known materials with new and well known techniques as you will see in the following sections.

My love affair with painting started at an early age, but took a backseat as my non-artistic career developed. When I became a full-time artist I was caught up with other art forms and techniques and it is therefore only recently that I have started to paint again. Right now most of my artistic focus lies in painting and I am experimenting with motifs that I have already explored in decoupage, namely Faces. I guess that being a psychologist by training I have always been fascinated by faces and how you can view a person’s soul through his or her face. I am now trying to convey that in a different medium and look forward to seeing how the interplay of the theme evolves over the two different art forms I have experimented with.

You can see my series of paintings called Umbra Line here.

Below you can see a gallery of some of the paintings I have created so far: